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Pigtail Fuse Caps for M205 & 3AG Fuses

We sell press-on caps with axial leads for 5mm and 6mm diameter fuses. These caps allow M205, 3AG etc. fuses to be soldered to a printed circuit board. However, when the fuse blows it must be unsoldered from the circuit board and replaced with a new fuse fitted with new caps. The caps do require some pressure to fit. We can fit these caps to our fuses for an additional cost.

Axial Lead Fuse Caps for 6mm diameter fuses

suit 6x32mm glass or ceramic fuses

Axial Lead Fuse Caps for 5mm diameter fuses

suit 5x20mm glass or ceramic fuses

Customer Feedback

" I am very happy with the products, everything was as expected the the customer service was excellent. I will definitely look to purchase though your products again when the need arises. "

Byron W
Received 10/10/22

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