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PV Solar Bolt Down Fuses (Type gPV/UL PV)

We sell NH Blade fuses which have been developed specifically for the protection and isolation of photovoltaic array combiners and disconnects. These fuses are capable of interrupting low over currents associated with faulted PV systems (reverse current, multi-array fault). They feature a bolt in design. Once the fuse is blown, the fuse needs to be replaced.

Customer Feedback

" My order was on my doorstep by 8:30am the next morning...I was truly amazed that it could be delivered from Australia to Hamilton in New Zealand overnight! Most parcels take about a week to come from Auckland to Hamilton! The order was supplied perfectly and packed very well! The products are beautiful and I wouldn't hesitate to deal with you again and recommend Swe-Check to all people I know. I really do wish more places were this good to deal with! Thank you so much! "

Matt R
Received 12/2/24

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