The Circuit Protection Specialists

The Circuit Protection Specialists

Red Spot Fuse Carriers for BS88 Fuses

We sell Red Spot fuse carriers which can be front or back connected. The fuse is fitted into the fuse carrier and connected to a circuit using 2 external cables connected to the fuse carrier. The carrier provides easy fuse replacement. These carriers are suitable for NITD, NIT, AAO, TIA, BAO, TIS, CEO, TCP, DD, EF and EFS style BS88 style fuses. We sell a wide range of BS88 fuses to suit.

20A max (suit NIT / NITD fuses), 690VAC/VDC
32A max (suit TIA / AAO / H07 fuses), 690VAC/VDC
63A max (suit TIS / BAO / K07 fuses), 690VAC/VDC
100A max (suit TCP / CEO / L14 fuses), 690VAC/VDC
200A max (suit DD / TF / M09 fuses), 690VAC/VDC
400A max (suit EF / EFS / TM / P11 fuses), 690V

Customer Feedback

" the parts arrived as ordered and very promptly thank-you. I am very impressed with your customer service and would have no hesitation whatsoever in using SWE-CHECK in the future. "

Bill P
Received 5/8/19

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