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Relay Holders for Mini Relays (ISO 280 Terminal)

We sell a range of Mini relay holders designed to fit one or more ISO280 Mini relays. The ISO280 relays feature new smaller pin style terminals.

Discontinued. New version is PDM71003ZXM
60 open positions for ISO 280 components
3 Relays & 10 Fuses/Breakers
Relays bused. Fuses/breakers bused
3-5 Relays & 10 Fuses/Breakers
No Bussing
3-5 Relays & 10 Fuses/Breakers
Only fuses are bused
3-5 Relays & 10 Fuses/Breakers
Only relays are bused

Customer Feedback

" Thank you for the follow up e-mail. My circuit breaker did arrive safely and on time and I was pleasantly surprised at how well the item was packaged with plenty of protection packaging around it. The customer service your company has displayed was fantastic and I would not hesitate to purchase another one of your products in the future if and when required. Thank you very much. "

Brendan F
Received 17/2/20

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