The Circuit Protection Specialists

The Circuit Protection Specialists

Short Stop Circuit Breakers

We sell a wide range of Short Stop circuit breakers which are weatherproof, ignition protected and designed for surface mounting in a variety of configurations. The advantage of using a circuit breaker is that it can be reset if there is an overload in the circuit where as a fuse must be replaced. These circuit breakers are available in automatic or manual reset and have stud type terminals.

321-A2P (Auto Reset)
12VDC Plastic Cover, Parallel Bracket
121..-B2P (Auto Reset)
14VDC Plastic Cover, Parallel Bracket
121..-B2M (Auto Reset)
14VDC Metal Cover, Parallel Bracket
124..-B2P (Auto Reset)
28VDC Plastic Cover, Parallel Bracket
323-A2P (Manual Reset)
24VDC Plastic Cover, Parallel Bracket
123..-B2P (Manual Reset)
28VDC Plastic Cover, Parallel Bracket
321-A1P (Auto Reset)
12VDC Plastic Cover, Cross Bracket
121..-A2P (Auto Reset)
14VDC Plastic Cover, Cross Bracket
121..-A2M (Auto Reset)
14VDC Metal Cover, Cross Bracket
121..-A3M (Auto Reset)
14VDC Metal Cover, Cross Bracket
121..-00M (Auto Reset)
14VDC Metal Cover, No Bracket
814 (Manual Reset)
24VDC Metal Cover, No Bracket
Short Stop Accessories

Customer Feedback

" So happy with your level of service, easy to navigate web site and friendly voice as per our conversation about product ordered, prompt delivery less than 24 hours, thank you Swe-Check. "

Brian M
Received 28/2/19

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