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Surface Mount Fuses

We sell Surface Mount Fuses in a variety of chip sizes and are designed to be soldered directly to a printed circuit board. These fuses are designed to protect a circuit from a fault current and once they are blown they need to be replaced.

Bel Fuse C2F Fuses

Chip Size 0603, Fast Acting 32VAC/63VDC

Bel Fuse C2Q Fuses

Chip Size 0603, Very Fast Acting 32VAC/32-63VDC

Bel Fuse C1Q Fuses

Chip Size 1206, Very Fast Acting 63-125VAC/63VDC

Bel Fuse C1H Fuses

Chip Size 1206, Fast Acting 125VAC/32VDC

Bel Fuse C1S Fuses

Chip Size 1206, Slow Acting 63VAC/VDC

Bel Fuse 0679H Fuses

Chip Size 2410, Fast Acting 350VAC/60-72VDC

Bel Fuse 0679L Fuses

Chip Size 2410, Fast Acting 125VAC/VDC

Bel Fuse SSQ Fuses

Chip Size 2410, Fast Acting 125VAC/86-125VDC

Littelfuse 451 Fuses

Chip Size 2410, Very Fast Acting 125VAC/24-125VDC

Bel Fuse SST Fuses

Chip Size 2410, Slow Acting 125VAC/VDC

Littelfuse 452 Fuses

Chip Size 2410, Slow Acting 125VAC/32-125VDC

Bel Fuse 0678L Fuses

Chip Size 3912, Fast Acting 250VAC/72VDC

Bel Fuse SMM Fuses

Chip Size 3912, Medium Acting 250VAC/72VDC

Bel Fuse SMP Fuses

Chip Size 3912, Surge Resistant 600VAC/125VDC

Bel Fuse 0684L Fuses

Chip Size 4818, Fast Acting 350VAC

Bel Fuse UMTS Fuses

Chip Size 4818, Slow Acting 250-350VAC

Littelfuse 446 Fuses

SMD Mini, Fast Acting 350VAC/125VDC

Customer Feedback

" I have received the parcel, and everything was as expected. I was very happy with the ordering process and the follow-up emails from Richard regarding seals etc. Looking forward to dealing with your company in the future. "

Bruce R
Received 9/1/23

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