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Surface Mount Resettable Fuses

We sell Surface Mount Resettable fuses in a variety of chip sizes and are designed to be soldered directly to a printed circuit board. If there is a fault current in the cirucit, these fuses heat up and create a high level of resistance. Once the fault current is removed, the resettable fuse cools and returns to it's normal low resistance state.

Hold: 50mA to 2A, 60V to 6VDC
Hold: 500mA to 5A, 6VDC
Hold: 100mA to 3A, 60V to 6VDC
FSMD..RZ (1812)
Hold: 1.4A to 3.7A, 6VDC
Hold: 100mA to 2.6A, 60V to 6VDC
Hold: 300mA to 3A, 60V to 6VDC
Hold: 300mA to 2.6A, 60V to 6VDC
Hold: 1.5A to 3A, 15V to 6VDC

Customer Feedback

" Same reliable and efficient service as always. Many thanks. "

Richard K
Received 5/9/19

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