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Thermal Fuses (Thermal Cutoffs)

We sell Thermal fuses (which are also known as thermal cutoffs). Designed to protect devices like motors, chargers, heating devices and appliances.

They are rated to open on reaching a specified temperature. Once they are blown, they need to be replaced. We stock a huge range of thermal fuses, and will price match any competitors price if you can find it cheaper! Shop our thermal fuse range today.

Elcut 12 Series Thermal Fuse

Open: 62 to 145 deg.C, 1.5A to 2A at 250VAC

Fuji FTF-S Series 10A Thermal Fuse

Open: 70 to 229 deg.C, 10A at 250VAC

Fuji FTF-S Series 15A Thermal Fuse

Open: 70 to 229 deg.C, 15A at 250VAC

Elcut S Series Thermal Fuse

Open: 104 to 145 deg.C, 0.8A to 1A at 250VAC

Customer Feedback

" My order arrived in good time and in good condition. The product was what I ordered and expected. Once again a job well done, it is great doing business with you again!! "

Phil C
Received 30/1/23

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