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Voltage Transformer Fuses For Use in Air (VT Fuses)

We sell voltage transformer fuse links which come in a variety of lengths with a diameter of 25.4mm. They are also known as Potential Transformer fuses in some countries. These fuse links are designed for use in the primary side of voltage transformers to provide system isolation in the event of faults occurring in the transformer circuit. These fuses are designed for use in air only, we sell another range for use in oil.

Bussmann ABWNA Fuses

25.4 x 142mm, 3.6kV

Bussmann ABCNA Fuses

25.4 x 195mm, 3.6kV

Bussmann ABWNA & VTBNN Fuses

25.4 x 142mm, 7.2kV

Bussmann ABCNA & VTDNN Fuses

25.4 x 195mm, 7.2kV

Bussmann ABCNA & VTDNN Fuses

25.4 x 195mm, 12kV

Bussmann ABGNA Fuses

25.4 x 359mm, 24kV

Customer Feedback

" Duly received on time and installed. Thanks for the ongoing good service! "

Brian M
Received 24/3/23

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