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Littelfuse - Miniature Fuses

Chip Size 2410, Very Fast Acting 125VAC/24-125VDC
Chip Size 2410, Slow Acting 125VAC/32-125VDC
SMD Mini, Fast Acting 350VAC/125VDC
Chip Size 2410, Slow Acting 125VAC/VDC
Fast Acting 32-125VAC/VDC
Slow Acting 125VAC/VDC
Very Fast Acting 250VAC
Metal Cap, Very Fast Acting 125VAC/VDC
Plastic Cap, Very Fast Acting 125VAC/VDC
Safe-T-Plus, PCB Mount 125VAC/VDC
Barrier Network, PCB Mount 250VAC/VDC
Barrier Network, Surface Mount 250VAC/VDC
Alarm Indicating Fuse 125VAC
Alarm Indicating Fuse 125VAC/VDC
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Customer Feedback

" Yeah spot on service and postage, you guys seem to have a great personal touch in what you do. Thanks for the experience. "

Josh C
Received 29/1/19

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