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2 Hole Bolt Down Fuse Size Guide

Bolted Tag fuses with 2 mounting holes in the metal fuse tag.The tags can be either centered or offset.

Fuse picture
Fuse diagram

This size chart is sorted by fixing centre in ascending order. All measurements are based on the above diagram.



Fuse Series /








30 mm MID   32V Centered
36 mm SBF   32V Offset
38 mm 381-FF / LCT   240VAC/150VDC Offset
39.7 mm JJN 70A to 100A 160V - 300V Centered
41.8 mm 421-FF / LET   240VAC/150VDC Offset
43 mm JJN 110A to 200A 160V - 300V Centered
44.6 mm Nato size 1 Bolted Tag 440V Offset
46.8 mm JJN 225A to 400A 160V - 300V Centered
49 mm LBF   32V Offset
50.8 mm POWERVAL   32V Centered
51.6 mm JJN 450A to 600A 160V - 300V Centered
51.6 mm L17T / TPL 70A to 250A 170V Centered
52.4 mm FWA..B 70A to 400A 150V Centered
53.5 mm AE6   1000V Offset
54.4 mm AE2   500V Offset
54.4 mm AE3   850V Offset
55.9 mm Nato size 2 Bolted Tag 440V Offset
56.4 mm JJN 700A to 800A 160V - 300V Centered
57.2 mm L17T / TPL 300A to 800A 170V Centered
58 mm 250GG 75A to 150A 250V Offset
58.8 mm FWX..A 70A to 200A 250V Centered
59 mm 571-FF / LMT   240VAC/150VDC Offset
59 mm 572-FF / LMMT   240VAC/150VDC Centered
60 mm 250GG 160A to 200A 250V Offset
60 mm JJS 70A to 100A 600V Centered
60.2 mm FWH..B 35A to 60A 500V Centered
61.5 mm FWX..A 35A to 60A 250V Centered
61.5 mm EV20   500V Centered
61.5 mm AE5..20   500V Centered
61.9 mm FWA..A 500A to 1000A 150V Centered
63 mm FWP..B 5A to 30A 700V Centered
63.5 mm 631-FF / ET   690VAC/500VDC Offset
63.5 mm 621-FF / FE   690VAC/500VDC Offset
63.6 mm JJS 110A to 200A 600V Centered
64.3 mm JJN 1000A to 1200A 160V - 300V Centered
64.3 mm 641-FF / CT   690VAC/500VDC Offset
66 mm FWX..A 225A to 600A 250V Centered
67.5 mm FWX..A 700A to 800A 250V Centered
69.1 mm JJS 225A to 400A 600V Centered
69.8 mm Nato size 3 Bolted Tag 440V Offset
70 mm 722-FF / EET   690VAC/500VDC Offset
70 mm 701-FF / FEE   690VAC/500VDC Offset
71.5 mm EV25   500V Centered
71.5 mm EV30   500V Centered
72 mm FWH..B 70A to 200A 500V Centered
72 mm AE5..25   500V Centered
72 mm AE6   1000V Offset
72.5 mm AE5..31   500V Centered
73 mm OSD / OS   415V - 550V Offset
73 mm BAO / TIS   415V - 550V Offset
73 mm AAO / TIA   550V Offset
75 mm JJS 450A to 600A 600V Centered
78.5 mm FKE/90 BLADE (Size 0/1*)   700V Centered
78.7 mm FWH..A 225A to 400A 500V Centered
80.2 mm FWH..A 450A to 600A 500V Centered
80.6 mm JJS 700A to 800A 600V Centered
85 mm 851-FF / FM   690VAC/500VDC Offset
85 mm 852-FF / FMM   690VAC/500VDC Centered
85 mm 861-FF / MT   690VAC/500VDC Offset
85 mm 862-FF / MMT   690VAC/500VDC Centered
87 mm AE6   1000V Offset
89.3 mm FWP..B 35A to 60A 700V Centered
91.4 mm FWP..B 70A to 100A 700V Centered
91.5 mm FKE/90 BLADE (Size 1 to 3)   550V - 700V Centered
92 mm DFJ 70A to 100A 600VAC/450VDC Centered
92.3 mm JKS 70A to 100A 600V Centered
92.3 mm LPJ..SP 70A to 100A 300V - 600V Centered
94 mm CEO / TCP   415V - 550V Offset
94 mm DEO / TFP   415V Offset
94 mm AE7..i25   800V Centered
97.5 mm AC / TB   250V - 550V Centered
97.5 mm BC / TB   250V - 550V Centered
97.8 mm FWP..A 125A to 200A 700V Centered
98 mm AE7..i38   800V Centered
99.3 mm FWP..A 225A to 400A 700V Centered
99.5 mm AE7..i51   800V Centered
105.5 mm AEX..731   1000V Centered
106.9 mm FWH..A 700A to 800A 500V Centered
107 mm FWJ..A 35A to 100A 1000VAC/800VDC Centered
109 mm AEX..738   1000V Centered
111 mm JKS 110A to 200A 600V Centered
111 mm DFJ 110A to 200A 600VAC/450VDC Centered
111 mm AD / TBC   250V - 550V Centered
111 mm BD / TBC   250V - 550V Centered
111 mm CD / TC   415V - 550V Offset
111 mm DD / TF   415V Centered
111 mm ED / TKF   415V - 660V Centered
111 mm LPJ..SP 110A to 200A 300V - 600V Centered
112 mm PV..ANH1-B (Size 1 to 3)   1000V Centered
112 mm FKE/115 BLADE (Size 1 to 3)   550V - 700V Centered
112.5 mm FWJ..A 125A to 200A 1000VAC/800VDC Centered
113.8 mm FWJ..A 250A to 400A 1000VAC/800VDC Centered
115 mm FKE/115 BLADE (Size 0 to 3)   1000V-1300V Centered
116.5 mm FKE/115 BLADE (Size 0/1*)   700V Centered
116.5 mm AEX..751   1000V Centered
124 mm TAC   660V - 1200V Offset
124 mm TSC   750V Offset
126 mm FWP..A 450A to 600A 700V Centered
126.3 mm FWH..A 900A to 1200A 500V Centered
132.5 mm FWJ..A 800A to 2000A 1000VAC/800VDC Centered
133 mm DFJ 225A to 400A 600VAC/450VDC Centered
133 mm EFS / TKM   415V - 660V Centered
133.5 mm JKS 225A to 400A 600V Centered
133.5 mm LPJ..SP 225A to 400A 300V - 600V Centered
135.1 mm FWP..A 700A to 800A 700V Centered
135.8 mm FWJ..A 500A to 600A 1000VAC/800VDC Centered
141.4 mm FWP..A 900A to 1000A 700V Centered
142 mm AEX..764   1000V Centered
149 mm GH / TLU Dual Fixings 250V - 550V Centered
152 mm PV..1XL-B   1500V Centered
152 mm DFJ 450A to 600A 600VAC/450VDC Centered
152.5 mm JKS 450A to 600A 600V Centered
152.5 mm LPJ..SP 450A to 600A 300V - 600V Centered
157 mm PV..01XL-B   1500V Centered
158.9 mm KRPC 601A to 800A 300V - 600V Centered
160.5 mm PV..2XL-B   1500V Centered
170 mm PV..2XL-3B   1500V Centered
171 mm PV..3L-B   1500V Centered
235 mm 3.6WJON   3.6kV Offset
235 mm 3.6WDOH   3.6kV Offset
235 mm 3.6WFOH   3.6kV Offset
305 mm 3.6WDFHO   3.6kV Offset
305 mm 3.6WFFHO   3.6kV Offset
305 mm 3.6WKFHO   3.6kV Offset
410 mm 3.6WFGHO   3.6kV Offset
410 mm 3.6WKGHO   3.6kV Offset
454 mm 7.2WFNHO   7.2kV Offset
454 mm 7.2WKNHO   7.2kV Offset
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