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Bussmann CH14 Fuse Carriers for 14x51mm fuses

50A max at 690VAC / 750VDC (IEC) or 50A max at 690VAC / 700VDC (UL)

14x51mm Neutral Fuse Link

14x51mm Neutral Fuse Link
Customer Feedback

" My order was on my doorstep by 8:30am the next morning...I was truly amazed that it could be delivered from Australia to Hamilton in New Zealand overnight! Most parcels take about a week to come from Auckland to Hamilton! The order was supplied perfectly and packed very well! The products are beautiful and I wouldn't hesitate to deal with you again and recommend Swe-Check to all people I know. I really do wish more places were this good to deal with! Thank you so much! "

Matt R
Received 12/2/24

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