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Industrial Fuses

We stock a wide range of Industrial fuses for a variety of applications.

Our industrial fuses are designed to protect machines, wiring and power systems generally rated 250V or more. We stock short circuit protection fuses (also known as partial range fuses) in various speeds such as gG, gL & aM. We also sell high breaking capacity fuses and fuses for use in motor circuits.

What are industrial fuses used for?

Industrial fuses are can provide overload and short circuit protection and are suitable for use in heating and cooling systems, pumps, control systems, agricultural equipment, lighting circuits and electrical distribution networks.

There are different types of industrial fuses such as:
  • Cartridge fuses
  • Bottle fuses
  • Offset tag fuses
  • Centered tag fuses
  • Bolted tag fuses
Industrial Fuses include: gG, gL and aM varieties.

Cartridge fuses

These types of fuses are used to protect electrical appliances such as motors, air-conditioning, refrigerator, pumps etc. where high voltage rating and currents are required. They are cylindrical in shape with metal end caps and are used extensively in industrial and agricultural applications.

Bottle fuses

These types of fuses have differently sized ends. They are designed this way to prevent and incorrect fuse being inserted into the circuit. Bottle fuses vary in shape and size depending on the voltage and ampere ratings required for the specific application.

Offset/Centred tag fuses

These are both varieties of bolted tag fuses. Centre tag fuses feature metal tags that protrude from the centre of each end of the fuse. Offset tag fuses feature metal tags that protrude from the base of each end of the fuse.

Bolted tag fuses

These fuses feature metal tags that protrude from both ends of the fuse body which is usually cylindrical in shape. These tags are used to mount the fuse into the fuse holder using a threaded bolt or nut. This method provides a secure mounting with good electrical contact for the fuse. Bolted tag fuses can be used in many industrial electrical applications, such as in different types of electrical equipment and wiring systems.

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