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14 x 51mm Ultra Rapid Fuses

We sell ultra rapid 14 x 51mm fuses which are designed to open a circuit quickly to protect sensitive electronic components in the circuit. Once the fuse is blown, the fuse needs to be replaced. In the case of replacement, be sure to replace with the same fuse as a regular fuse will not be quick enough to protect sensitive components.

14x51mm Fuses 690VAC/440VDC* gR

Type gR 690VAC/440VDC*

14x51mm Fuses 690VAC/700VDC aR

Type aR 690VAC/700VDC

Bussmann FWX-A14F Fuses 250VAC/VDC aR

Type aR 250VAC/VDC (USA Standard)

Bussmann FWP-A14F Fuses 700VAC/700V-800VDC aR

Type aR 700VAC/700V-800VDC (USA Standard)

Bussmann FWP-A14F Fuse with Striker 700VAC/700V-800VDC aR

Type aR 700VAC/700V-800VDC (USA Std.) with Striker

Customer Feedback

" The good arrived quickly and well packaged. Thanks for the fast turn around and the copy of the Fuse Bible. In this age of Internet data sheets it's nice to get a paper booklet again! "

Bill C
Received 13/4/21

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