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Semiconductor Fuses & Very Fast Acting Fuses (Ultra Rapid Fuses)

Semicondutor fuses also known as Ultra Rapid or Very Fast Acting Fuses are designed to protect sensitive semiconductor components in your equipment. We stock a broad range of semiconductor fuses including types aR, gR & gS.

What is a semiconductor fuse?

A Semiconductor fuse is a high speed current limiting fuse that is designed to protect and isolate sensitive semiconductor components such as diodes, thyristors, SCRs etc. Also known as ultra-rapid fuses, high speed fuses or rectifier fuses, they are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Difference between a fast acting fuse and a semiconductor fuse?

A fast acting fuse protects equipment and wiring by reacting to short circuits quickly, but the reaction time is not quick enough to protect sensitive semicondutor components. Installing a fast acting fuse in place of a semiconductor fuse can result in damage to your equipment and is never recommended. When replacing a semiconductor fuse with a fuse that is not exactly the same as the original fuse, you need to ensure that i2t value of the new fuse is not greater than the i2t value of the original fuse. These values are usually specified on the manufacturer datasheet. Please contact our staff if you require help choosing a replacement fuse.

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