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Circuit Protection and Power Distribution

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American Class J Fuses

We sell American Class J Fuses which have 2 different body styles depending on the ampere rating of the fuse. Fuses with low ampere ratings are supplied as a cartridge fuse where as fuses with higher ampere ratings are supplied as a bolt down tag style fuse. They are available in several different fuse speeds. Once the fuse is blown, the fuse needs to be replaced.

Bussmann DFJ Fuses Very Fast Acting 600VAC/450VDC

Very Fast Acting 600VAC/450VDC

Bussmann JKS Fuses Fast Acting 600VAC

Fast Acting 600VAC

Bussmann LPJ-SP Fuses Slow Acting 600VAC/300VDC

Slow Acting 600VAC/300VDC

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Matthew B
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