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ATO/ATC Blade Fuses

We sell the ATO or ATC fuse which was the first automotive blade fuse and was designed by Littelfuse. It has since been superceeded by smaller versions including the Mini, Low Profile Mini and new Micro2 blade fuses. We now sell LED indicating versions of this fuse that glow when the fuse is blown. Once the fuse is blown, the fuse needs to be replaced.

ATO/ATC Fuse Assortment
5 piece ATO/ATC fuse assortment 32VDC
ATO/ATC Fuse Kit
100 piece Auto fuse assortment 32VDC
Blade Fuse Assortment Kit 300 piece
300 piece Low Profile Mini, Mini & ATO/ATC fuses
Auto Indicating
Fast Acting 32VDC, blown fuse LED indicator
ATO/ATC Indicating Fuse Kit
16 piece ATO/ATC indicating fuse assortment 32VDC
ATO/ATC Indicating Fuse Kit
81 piece ATO/ATC indicating fuse assortment 32VDC
Blown Fuse Indicator
32VDC Indicating ATO/ATC Fuse Base

Customer Feedback

" Yes the fuse box arrived today. Quick postage and no dramas placing the order. Thanks! "

Matt P
Received 17/7/19

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