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Car & Automotive Fuses

We offer a wide range of automotive fuses, commonly used in automotive applications such as cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, forklifts and low voltage DC applications.

Automotive fuses, also known as car fuses protect the electronics in a vehicle from short circuit or overcurrent which is vital to safeguard passengers and drivers.

What types of automotive fuses are there?

Automotive fuses are extensively used in cars, trucks, buses and off-road transportation equipment to protect the cables, wires and electrical components that supply electrical power to operate lights, heaters, air conditioning, radios, power windows and other electrical accessories within your vehicle.

The most common type of automotive fuses found in modern cars and trucks are blade fuses (sometimes called bladed fuses or spade fuses). They have a plastic body and two metal prongs that fit into sockets and are easy to install into a fuse box or fuse holders as they are a simple push-in component. These types of fuses currently are available in five different versions: We also stock a variety of automotive fuse kits, strip fuses, MIDI & MEGA fuses as well as PAL fuses which are available in a variety of styles including female plug-in fuses and male bolt-down fuses.

Other types of automotive fuses include the glass tube fuses and battery fuses like the MRBF and ZCase.

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