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Bottle Ultra Rapid Fuses

We sell Ultra Rapid Bottle fuses which share the same appearance as the regular Bottle fuse, but the ultra rapid element operates quickly to protect sensitive electrical components in the circuit. Once the fuse is blown, the fuse needs to be replaced. In the case of replacement, be sure to replace with the same fuse as a regular fuse will not be quick enough to protect sensitive components.

Type gR 500VAC/315VDC, size DI/E16
Type gR 500VAC/315VDC, size DII/E27
Type gR 500VAC/315VDC, size DIII/E33
Type gR 500VAC/315VDC, size DIV/R1 1/4"
Type gR 500VAC/315VDC, size DV/R2"

Customer Feedback

" The package arrived very quickly, I am very happy with the product. However, to be honest, I would have preferred a slower low cost postage option. I am only tinkering with my personal car, not a business, so paying half of the total cost in postage and then copping a surcharge to make the $30 minimum order was something I did very reluctantly. I spent a lot of time on your website trying to find something else to buy at the same time so I could save on shipping and not cop a minimum order surcharge but there was nothing I really need right now. "

Chris H
Received 14/6/19

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