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BS88 Fuses with Centre Tags

We sell a range of fuses that comply with the British BS88 standard and feature metal fuse tags extending from the center of the fuse body. These tags are used to bolt the fuse into the fuse holder and create a solid electrical connection. Once the fuse is blown, the fuse needs to be replaced.

Bussmann AC & BC Fuses / Red Spot TB Fuses

(K08), 415VAC to 660VAC / 250VDC to 460VDC*

Bussmann AD & BD Fuses / Red Spot TBC Fuses

(K09), 415VAC to 660VAC / 250VDC to 460VDC*

Bussmann CD Fuses / Red Spot TC Fuses

Size B1 (L09), 415VAC to 550VAC

Bussmann DD Fuses / Red Spot TF Fuses

Size B2 (M09), 415VAC to 550VAC

Bussmann ED Fuses / Red Spot TKF Fuses

Size B3 (N09), 415VAC to 660VAC / 460VDC*

Customer Feedback

" I received the order and it's just what I need. Thanks very much. "

Troy W
Received 30/5/23

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