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Maxi Blade Fuses

We sell the Maxi fuse which is the largest of the popular automotive blade fuses. It is designed to handle circuits with higher currents. We now sell LED indicating versions of this fuse that glow when the fuse is blown. Once the fuse is blown, the fuse needs to be replaced. View our blade fuse size guide.

LED Indicating Maxi Fuses (Smart Glow / Easy ID)

Slow Acting 32VDC, blown fuse LED indicator

Indicating Maxi Fuse Kit 17 piece assortment

Slow Acting 32VDC, blown fuse LED indicator

Commercial and Fleet Fuse Assortment Kit 50 piece

Includes Mini, Auto, Maxi, Midi and Mega fuse assortment

Maxi Fuses 58VDC

Slow Acting

Maxi+ Fuses 32VDC

Slow Acting

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