The Circuit Protection Specialists

The Circuit Protection Specialists

Mid Range Circuit Breakers (Panel Mount)

We sell Bussmann Mid Range circuit breakers which are weatherproof, ignition protected and designed for panel mounting. The advantage of using a circuit breaker is that it can be reset if there is an overload in the circuit where as a fuse must be replaced. These circuit breakers are available in automatic or manual reset and have stud type terminals.

251..-B-1 (Auto Reset)
32VDC, Threaded Mounting
255..-A-1 (Manual Reset + PTT)
32VDC, Non-Thread Mount
255..-B-1 (Manual Reset +PTT)
32VDC, Threaded Mounting

Customer Feedback

" Received all my parts promptly, love Swe-Check most definitely the best quality fuse boxes on the market. "

Jared C
Received 14/6/19

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