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OEZ Disconnect Switches for NH Fuses

We sell fuse disconnect switches. These fuse holders provide a dual function of both fuse protection and circuit switching (for nominal currents). The fuse is fitted into the fuse disconnect switch holder and a lever is used to engage the fuse into the electrical contacts. The fuse disconnect switch is then connected to a circuit with cables from the unit. When the holder is opened, the fuse is pulled out of the circuit resulting in the circuit being deactivated. All of these holders are designed to be panel mounted and provides for an easily replaceable fuse. These holders are suitable for NH Blade fuses. We sell a wide range of NH Blade fuses to suit.

OEZ 1 Pole Disconnect Switches for NH fuses

690VAC/DC*, fuse sizes 000 to 3

OEZ 3 Pole Disconnect Switches for NH fuses

690VAC/DC*, fuse sizes 000 to 3

OEZ 2 or 4 Pole Disconnect Switch Assembly Kit

Join 2 disconnect switches together

OEZ Remote Signalling Switch

Indicates cover is open or closed.

OEZ Top Mounted Busbars

Branch power across multiple holders

OEZ Rear Busbar Adapter

Branch power across multiple holders

OEZ Terminal Extensions & Adapters

Allows fitting cables of different gauges or mountings to the fuse holder.

OEZ Extended Housing Covers

Extend upper or lower housing

OEZ Front Cover Padlock Insert

This insert allows you to secure the front cover closed using a padlock.

OEZ Handle Mounted Contact Barrier

Extra protection against eletrical contact

OEZ Front Cover Plate

Front mounting fascia plate

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" The shipment arrived promptly and in good condition. The items are exactly what I needed. Thanks to your staff. "

John P
Received 21/5/24

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