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PAL Fuses (Female Terminal)

We sell female terminal PAL fuses that come in a wide range of sizes. These fuses feature 2 metal contacts within a plastic body and are designed to be simply plugged into the holder in the vehicle. The clear plastic in the top cap allows you to see the fuse element to determine if the fuse is blown. Once the fuse is blown, the fuse needs to be replaced.

Slow Acting 32VDC, MCase
MCase Fuse Kit
5 piece MCase fuse assortment
MCase Fuse Kit
50 piece MCase fuse assortment
Slow Acting 32VDC, Slotted MCase+
MCPS Fuse Kit
7 piece Slotted MCase+ fuse assortment
Slow Acting 58VDC, Low Profile JCase
Slow Acting 32VDC, JCase
JCase Fuse Kit
40 piece JCase fuse assortment
Slow Acting 32VDC, Medium
Slow Acting 32VDC, Large
Slow Acting 32VDC, Press Lock
Slow Acting 32VDC, Press Lock

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Tim H
Received 19/5/20

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