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Relay Holders for Ultra Micro Relays (ISO 280 Terminal)

We sell a range of Ultra Micro relay holders designed to fit one or more ISO280 Ultra Micro relays. The ISO280 relays feature new smaller pin style terminals.

8 open positions for ISO 280 components 32V
18 open positions for ISO 280 components
60 open positions for ISO 280 components
60 open positions for ISO 280 components

Customer Feedback

" The package arrived very quickly, I am very happy with the product. However, to be honest, I would have preferred a slower low cost postage option. I am only tinkering with my personal car, not a business, so paying half of the total cost in postage and then copping a surcharge to make the $30 minimum order was something I did very reluctantly. I spent a lot of time on your website trying to find something else to buy at the same time so I could save on shipping and not cop a minimum order surcharge but there was nothing I really need right now. "

Chris H
Received 14/6/19

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