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Phone: 03 9521 6133
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Bussmann Marine Rated Battery Fuses (MRBF / CBBF Fuses)

Slow Acting 58VDC

Bussmann Marine Rated Battery Fuses (MRBF / CBBF Fuses)

MRBF060 pictured.

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MRBF030 BATTERY FUSE 30A 58VDC   AU$ 21.44 1 151
MRBF040 BATTERY FUSE 40A 58VDC   AU$ 21.44 1 200
MRBF050 BATTERY FUSE 50A 58VDC   AU$ 21.44 1 117
MRBF060 BATTERY FUSE 60A 58VDC   AU$ 21.44 1 140
MRBF075 BATTERY FUSE 75A 58VDC   AU$ 21.44 1 123
MRBF080 BATTERY FUSE 80A 58VDC   AU$ 21.44 1 85
MRBF090 BATTERY FUSE 90A 58VDC   AU$ 21.44 1 8
MRBF100 BATTERY FUSE 100A 58VDC   AU$ 21.44 1 180
MRBF125 BATTERY FUSE 125A 58VDC   AU$ 21.44 1 73
MRBF150 BATTERY FUSE 150A 58VDC   AU$ 21.44 1 350
MRBF175 BATTERY FUSE 175A 58VDC   AU$ 21.44 1 109
MRBF200 BATTERY FUSE 200A 58VDC   AU$ 21.44 1 179
MRBF225 BATTERY FUSE 225A 58VDC   AU$ 21.44 1 8
MRBF250 BATTERY FUSE 250A 58VDC   AU$ 21.44 1 33
MRBF300 BATTERY FUSE 300A 58VDC   AU$ 21.44 1 143

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" Fuse arrived about 4pm yesterday. Thank you for your customer service, I really appreciate the effort and support you provided in trying to find a solution for me. Cheers. "

Tony W
Received 11/1/19

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