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Mini Blade Fuses / ATM Fuses

Shop Swe-Check's range of Mini Blade Fuses (also known as ATM Fuses), which have been around since the early 1990's. ATM Fuses are extensively used in automotive applications. These fuses are similar to the new Micro2 Fuses but are a bit larger in size.

We now sell LED indicating versions of the Mini/ ATM fuses that glow when the fuse is blown. Once the fuse is blown, the fuse needs to be replaced! Shop our range of mini blade and ATM fuses online.

Fast Acting 32VDC
MINI Fuse Kit
5 piece Mini fuse assortment 32VDC
MINI Fuse Kit
35 piece Mini fuse assortment 32VDC
MINI Fuse Kit
100 piece Mini fuse assortment 32VDC
Blade Fuse Assortment Kit 300 piece
300 piece Low Profile Mini, Mini & ATO/ATC fuses
MINI Indicating 32V
Fast Acting 32VDC, blown fuse LED indicator
MINI Indicating Fuse Kit
16 piece Mini indicating fuse assortment 32VDC
MINI Indicating Fuse Kit
81 piece Mini indicating fuse assortment 32VDC

What are ATM Fuses?

ATM Fuses, or Mini Fuses are a type of fuse that started being produced in the 1990's. Suitable for low voltage electronic and automotive vehicles, these fuses are not interchangeable with ATC Fuses.

What are blade fuses?

Blade fuses are fuses that are typically used in cars and other automobiles. Recognisable traits of blade fuses include the plastic bodies and two prongs that you plug into sockets. Our blade fuses will glow when they are blown, making it easy to identify if it needs to be replaced.

What are the other types of automotive fuses?

All vehicles use fuses to protect the electrical components from blowing. In modern times, there are a few common types of fuses for vehicles, which we stock!

1. Low Profile Mini Fuses

2. Micro2 Fuses

3. ATO/ATC Fuses

4. Mini Fuses / ATM Fuses - Please get in touch if the mini fuse or ATM Fuse you are looking for isn't listed on this page. We stock thousands of fuses, and our experts can help.

5. View our full Automotive Fuse Range
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Nick R
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